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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

AKEMI Tencel® Fabric on Your Skin

by Fred Victor

Well, there are undoubtedly many treats in stores with an ever-changing range of fabrics coupled with great bargains. Nevertheless, it’s still important for choosing a really good fabric especially when it comes to SLEEP … undeniable perhaps.

Here, AKEMI Tencel® introduces “the botanical way of life” – a new age in fiber technology

What is AKEMI Tencel®?
AKEMI Tencel® is an amazing eco-friendly fabric, and it’s completely natural. Made with wood pulp cellulose from sustainable tree, AKEMI Tencel® fabrics are created through the use of nanotechnology (the first cellulose to use nanotechnology)

The AKEMI Tencel® fabrics are as soft as silk, strong as polyester, cool as linen, warm as wool and more absorbent than cotton.

It’s a 100% biodegradable fabric which certified by the International Forest Stewardship Council.

Besides, AKEMI Tencel® fabrics carry the Oeko Tex 100 certification, an international standard developed in 1992 so as to certify that it contains no harmful substances. Further, it also has been awarded the European Community Eco-label flower for products and services with reduced environmental impacts.

In brief, Tencel® is a registered brand name for a fibre call lyocell, manufactured by the Lenzing AG Company.

In short, AKEMI Tencel® fabric is amazingly comfortable!

Why AKEMI Tencel®?

AKEMI Tencel® Looks Brilliant
AKEMI Tencel® sheets have a beautiful flowing drape, and the brilliant luster of silk which boast easy-care properties to beat cotton. The sheet is just simple to launder, and ironing is much easier than those conventional sheets. AKEMI Tencel® will keep its colour and exceptional appearance even after numerous washes. Take a look, seeing is believing!!

AKEMI Tencel® Feels Comfortable Though It’s Warm under Bed Sheet
AKEMI Tencel® has a cool and sensual touch for that extra special comfort. The incredible smoothness and in-built moisture control capabilities of AKEMI Tencel® help you to keep cool when other fabrics are not able to.

Let’s look at the figure below, AKEMI Tencel® (left) is not just “feel good”, it is also especially kind and gentle to the skin. In contrast, the surface of cotton fiber (right) is typically much rougher, irregular and more irritating to sensitive skin types.

AKEMI Tencel® Has Unique Moisture Performance
AKEMI Tencel® has a unique moisture control capability that comes from its internal structure of very fine Nanofibrils inside the fiber. Nanofibrils are tiny components (little "hairs") which make up the fiber. The unique structure of the fibrils allows the production of textiles which, until now, could only be dreamed of. This is the first cellulose fiber whose functionality is based on this innovative structure. These Nanofibrils work together like a network of tiny canals that able to conjure away moisture, they are hydrophilic, and able to optimize the absorption of moisture with excellent cooling properties, thus enhancing your sleeping comfort.

Tests show that AKEMI Tencel® demonstrates its excellence in moisture absorption capability, that it absorbs 50% more than the conventional cotton. It’s just incredible!

AKEMI Tencel® Inhibits Bacteria Growth
Due to the excellent control of moisture, AKEMI Tencel® Nanofibrils generate an excellent comfort zone next to the skin. Also, with lesser moisture, the growth of bacteria on fibers is inhibited.

Without bacteria, mold and mites similarly find life more difficult. All this is achieved without the use of added chemicals that otherwise might be harmful to sensitive skin.

In other words, AKEMI Tencel® is ideal for sensitive skin!!

AKEMI Tencel® Feels Like a Second Skin
AKEMI Tencel® is produced from wood pulp by means of a process that respects the environment and uses no pesticides and/or other potentially harmful chemicals.

This means TENCEL® is pure and soothing next to the skin. Independent studies have shown that these characteristics work together with the natural moisture control of AKEMI Tencel® produce a significant improvement in the well-being of people especially those with very sensitive skins.

This combination of properties and the ecological nature of the fiber itself make AKEMI Tencel® bed sheets a “must-have” and a dream come true for everyone.

AKEMI Tencel® is 100% Organic
As mentioned earlier, AKEMI Tencel® is extracted from wood pulp, thus it is 100% bio-degradable. The wood used is taken from tree farms which practice sustainability and is guaranteed by the PEFC quality seal and the international FSC label.

It is a good feeling to go to bed with AKEMI Tencel®!

Award Winning

In summary, every night is a special night with AKEMI Tencel® bed sheet.

AKEMI Tencel® excites the senses in a way that no other fiber can, giving you the most satisfying sleep ever. Its cool, sensual touch, in-built freshness and lustrous good looks combine together in the purest of Nanofibers. Anyone who has ever experienced AKEMI Tencel® bed sheets or pillows will never again wish to sleep on anything else! It’s simply incredible!!

Have a good night's sleep ;-)